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Video Interviews

Video Interviews


Two Kinds: Virtual and Live

We offer two different kinds of video interviews: Virtual and Live. See the information below to determine which is best for you.

Virtual Video Interviews

Are you looking to save time screening your candidates? HR Avatar offers virtual video interviews that can do just the trick. Instead of wasting time with undesirable candidates performing phone interviews, you can use a pre-recorded video interview instead. The candidate answers a series of questions - either a pre-configured set or the exact questions you want - and their results are stored for playback at your convenience.

Virtual video interviews work exactly like assessments. HR Avatar offers a catalog of over 20 pre-configured virtual video interview modules for popular job types. However, it's easy to create your own video interview questions from within your account.

When you access our virtual video interviews, the results include a transcription of text, the videos themselves (for playback) and a voice analysis that rates how the candidate's voice is perceived by others.

Our technology allows the entire interview to take place via the candidate's web browser. No special plugins or capabilities are needed. Simply a computer or mobile device with a camera will do!

Virtual Video Interviewing is available now! To view our pre-configured video interview modules, please click below:

Explore our Virtual Video Interview Catalog

Learn about Creating Your Own Virtual Interview Questions

Live Video Interviewing

Conduct and manage live video interviews from within your HR Avatar account.

When you perform live interviews via HR Avatar, you get a host of useful benefits. For instance, you can:

  • Easily schedule a live video interview while viewing test results (and vice versa).
  • Customize an interview script to easily conduct and score the interview in a structured way.
  • Record your scores and comments in real time as the interview progresses.
  • Perform group interviews with up to 3 interviewers. Collect individual scores and comments from all.
  • Refer to interview scores, comments, and other analyses online anytime when making your evaluations and comparisons.
  • Obtain a transcript of your conversation.
  • Manage your scheduled interviews, making changes as needed.
  • View test results and interview results together in one place.
  • Obtain a transcript of your conversation.
  • Obtain an AI-driven voice analysis of the candidate's voice.
  • Obtain an AI-driven personality profile of the candidate.
  • Track your evaluation of a candidate alongside their assessment results.

No credit card. Includes 2 free tests.

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