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Our assessment solutions help businesses streamline their hiring processes, enhance employee productivity, and reduce turnover. By utilizing our tools, every candidate can be seen in their best light, ensuring you make informed hiring decisions that benefit your organization. But don't just take our word for it—see what our customers have to say!

"HR Avatar increased my efficiency so that I could focus on my team while handling onboarding tasks."
Todd B., Call Management Resources
"It has been a great resource for our hiring managers giving them the ability to identify good candidates faster!"
Glenn S., My Wireless
"HR Avatar helps determine which candidates are serious and qualified and are suitable for the required position. In the end, It solves hiring problems!"
Joao P., M&C Engenharia
"I loved this software because it saves us a lot of time in hiring. Additionally, I like the fact that its features are easy to navigate and most of them are easy to use."
Camille M., Bug Agency (Graphic Design Firm)
"I like it because it's great for online assessment and its flexibility is amazing. I also like that it offers the best features for talent assessment, recruiting and video interviewing."
Laura A., Domain Virgile Joly (French Winery)
"This product provides us with the best features to evaluate the management capabilities of potential new employees, plus the response time is excellent and I like that the interface is flexible."
Kay S., Atlantic Locksmith Store
"We are very happy with HR Avatar! It saves us time in hiring and provides us with a good user interface. We can check references, do video interviews and it speeds up the whole hiring process."
Sueli R., Lider Contabilidade (Accounting Leader)
"Selecting a candidate for a job became an easy and fast task with HR Avatar. We use it to conduct video interviews to avoid the expense of conducting interviews in the office. It gives detailed reports on the qualities and skills of each participant facilitating both the selection process and the assignment of jobs, to make the most of the skills of each applicant."
Abhay V., Iroid Solution (IT Company)
"It speeds up the selection of personnel, the extensive catalog of tests allows to accurately qualify the skills and abilities of each applicant in order to assign him/her to a job position that favors his/her performance within the company."
Maggie O., Logistics Department Specialist
"I have liked it since I implemented it because of its functions of being able to challenge the candidates skills and evaluate their performance to see if they are at a good level. I also like the interface and the analysis and troubleshooting area."
Amjad D., Eremeca
"What I liked the most was that it is accessible from anywhere as long as there is an Internet connection. I also loved the test catalog and simulations, as well as the notifications that indicate when the candidate finishes the test."
Christele A., Banegas Architectes
"Overall, I like this software because of how useful it is for identifying the best candidates. It is simple and determines the right position for which we are hiring. I also like that I can navigate through its functions easily and without complications."
Tootern P., INFOWEST
"This product is good because it allows us to see everything about the candidates such as their skills, their cons and their work experience. I like that and I also like the interface which is simple but functional."
Renato S., Legado Sais, Vinícola (Winery)
"I like this tool because it is well designed for recruiting candidates and it has good and easy to handle functions. I can make good decisions, for example positions like E-commerce Stock Control, and it has been the best because we interviewed and always found the right person for the position."
Jean D, Recruitment/Stock Control of E-commerce (Retail)
"What I like most about HR Avatar is that it offers an easy and intelligent way to observe the candidate's skills. Plus, we can interview them in real time. I also loved that we can be sure to make the right decisions."
Salah L., Cserve Egypt

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