Referral Program

Referral Program


Refer a Friend, Get a Discount

Invite a friend to use HR Avatar. When your friend signs up for an account and makes a purchase, you and your referral each receive 20% off on a Candidate Credit Package purchase.




Read how our referral program works, and learn about the terms and conditions.

How it Works

  1. You provide an email and a short personal note.
  2. We contact your referral, share your note, and invite them to learn more. The invitation will include an offer of 20% off their first credit purchase.
  3. When your referral registers for an account and makes their first purchase, we will validate your referral and offer you 20% off YOUR next credit purchase. The discount will be applied automatically the next time you purchase credits online.

Terms and Conditions

  • You can make as many referrals as you like.
  • Referral email addresses must not be generic. They must be for a specific organization.
  • Referrals remain active for 3 years.
  • You can only refer a specific email once, though others can refer the same email.
  • If there are multiple referrals for the same email from multiple users within the same account, only the oldest referrer will receive the discount after the referral makes a purchase.
  • If there are multiple referrals for the same email from users in the different accounts, each referrer will receive the discount after the referral makes a purchase.
  • Referrals to emails that are already registered for an account with HR Avatar are not allowed.
  • Referrals to persons from the same company as the referrer are not allowed.
  • Once a Referral is validated, the referrer has 1 year to use their 20% discount.
  • The 20% discount can only be used for credit purchases. Eligible subscription holders will receive a $200 discount from on their next annual subscription renewal.


If you need help with our referral program, read the FAQ or contact us.


  1. I already have an HR Avatar account, do I need to sign in to send a referral?
    Yes, in order to get credit for the referral, you need to sign in so you can get credit for your referral. If you don't have an account, please register here.
  2. I don't have an HR Avatar account, but I just want to let my friend know about your website and service!
    Use the share links on this page to email your friend or post a social media message about our referral program.

Contact Us

If you need more assistance, please contact us anytime!



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