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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


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Technical Support Using Assessments
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Administering Tests and Test Batteries Remote Proctoring
Job-Specific Tests (our flagship product) Virtual Video Interviews
Live Video Interviews Skills, Personality and Other tests
What platforms do your assessments operate on?
Our assessments operate on virtually all modern devices, operating systems, and web browsers. No plug-ins or additional software applications are required. Additionally, we designed all of our assessments for mobile devices from the ground up.
Is a high bandwidth connection required?
Our simulations are designed to operate within a wide range of available bandwidths. All animations were engineered to require the lowest possible bandwidth. While the preferred mode is a higher bandwidth connection, it is easy for the user to select a lower bandwidth mode if they have a lower speed connection. Several options exist including smaller videos, pictures and audio only, or just pictures and text.
If a candidate loses their connection, can they restart where they left off?
Yes, they should close their web browser then click on their test key link again to restart where they left off.
What platforms do your virtual video interviews work on?
Our virtual video interviews work on most modern mobile devices devices, and on laptops or desktop computer that have a webcam installed. We support all major operating systems and web browsers. No plug-ins or additional software applications are required.
Why do I sometimes need to clear my browser cache and how do I do it?
Sometimes your web browser may store information from a web page that is no longer valid or needed. Most of the time, this is not needed. However, occasionally, when you are having trouble it can sometimes help to clear your cache. Follow instructions on how to clear your browser's cache, please click here.
How can I check whether my webcam is working and accessible from my web browser?
To test your webcam and system, please click here.
Can I use HR Avatar assessments to support my hiring decisions?
Yes. Of course, you should always ensure that any assessment you use evaluates characteristics relevant to the job you are filling, is reliable, and does not discriminate against groups of persons protected by legislation (race, age, etc). We make this easy for you through our Job-Specific tests. Simply choose a title that is closely related to the job you are hiring for.
Are your assessments valid or validated?
We wish we could say absolutely yes, but the concept of validity applies to the use of a specific test for a specific job. Each of our job-specific tests is targeted to a specific job, and all included measurements were selected using U.S. Government-sponsored research on that particular job. We then ensure that the measurements are reliable, do not unfairly discriminate against certain groups, and that they report results along a meaningful scale. We believe these steps result in a test that is 'valid' in both the general and the legal sense. However, in order to absolutely confirm whether the test is valid we would need to perform a cooperative study based on a specific job within a specific company. We love performing these studies. However, effort is required from both sides. If you are interested in confirming validity for your job, please contact us!
What kinds of assessments do you offer?
Our flagship product is our job-specific tests. We offer over 200 of these whole-person, simulation based assessments, each targeted to a specific job. We also offer assessments that measure specific dimensions only, such as cognitive ability, personality, emotional intelligence, and skills and knowledge. Finally, we offer a line of virtual video interviews. Please see our test catalog for more specific information on each assessment.
How do I find the test I'm looking for?
You can find detailed information on each test in our test catalog. If you are hiring for a specific position, the easiest and best this to do is type in the job title in the search box. One or more matching job-specific tests will appear. These tests are 'All-In-One' assessments that measure everything you need to make an informed decision. If you have more specialized needs, peruse the test catalog using the search box and the category checkboxes. We're also happy to help if you're not finding what you are looking for. Please contact us at any time.
How long does each test take?
We provide an average or estimated test time for each assessment in our catalog (in the details section). However, actual testing time can vary for a given test based on the style of the test taker.
How do I pay for a test?
The easiest way to buy is to purchase a Pay-Per-Result Package, which contains everything you need to test a certain number of candidates. Please click here for more information.
How do I get started?
The best way to get started is to sign up for a free trial account. As long as you meet certain restrictions, we will give you a Result Credit balance of 2 which is valid for 14 days and which will enable you to assess two candidates. Using the free trial, it's possible to sign up and begin testing in 5 minutes or less!
You have too many tests. I can't find the one I want.
We know there are a lot of tests. But there are also a lot of jobs. We've made it easy to find the right test. Just type in the name of your job title in the catalog search box. If you can't find exactly the right test for your job title, select the test that seems to come the closest. As long as you are in the right ballpark, the components and settings are very likely to be useful.
What does the Free Trial do?
When you sign up for a free trial, you register for an online HR Avatar account that you can continue use after the free trial has expired. Also, as long as your information meets certain restrictions, you are given a Result Credit balance of 2 that is valid for 14 days. This is should provide everything you need to assess two candidates.
What is restricted during the Free Trial?
Absolutely nothing. You have full access to all system features and functions during the free trial period.
How can I terminate my Free Trial?
You can terminate your account at any time by contacting us - either during or after the trial period. When terminated, all identifying information will be anonymized.
Do I need a credit card to start my Free Trial?
No. You do not need a credit card or any other payment information to start your free trial.
I signed up for a free trial but was not given any credits. Why?
In certain cases, we cannot award a free trial Result Credit balance. These include repeated signups from the same company, non-specific company information, or registrations from a prohibited geographic region. If you feel you should have received credits, please contact us.
My Free Trial Result Credit balance is now zero. Now what do I do to continue testing?
In order to continue testing, you will need to purchase a Pay-Per-Result package online. Please see our pricing options page for more information.
I don't have a lot of time. I just want to test some job candidates before I hire them.
We make it easy for you. (1) Sign up for a trial here. (2) Select the test you want by going to 'Tests' in the upper menu bar and typing in the job title you are hiring for. (3) Click on the test name that matches your job title most. (4) Then click administer this test. It's that easy.
How does your pricing work?
We offer Pay-Per-Result pricing, in which you purchase Result Credits online. A Result Credit allows you to test one candidate in one sitting using any test in our catalog. As each candidate completes their assessment, your Result Credit balance is decremented by one. We also offer unlimited plans based on company size, and special pricing for recruitment firms and educational/non-profit institutions. Please contact us for a quote if any of these apply.
Do you offer unlimited plans?
Yes, based on company size. We also offer special pricing for recruitment firms and educational/non-profit institutions. Please contact us for a quote if you are interested in an unlimited plan or if you are a recruitment firm or educational/nonprofit institution.
Are there volume discounts?
Yes. Please visit our Pricing Options page for more information. We also offer special pricing for recruitment firms and educational/non-profit institutions. Please contact us for a quote if you are a recruitment firm or educational/nonprofit institution.
Is video interviewing and remote proctoring included?
Yes. As long as you have a nonzero Result Credit balance, you will be able to utilize live and virtual (recorded) video interviewing. Please note that virtual (recorded) video interviews are part of our test library and are treated like any other assessment. You will also be able to utilize any of our remote test proctoring options
What if I want to use a test battery? How many Result Credits will be charged.
Only 1 Result Credit will be charged each time a candidate completes a test battery, whether it contains only one test or many tests.
How long are Packages valid? Do they ever expire?
Once purchased, Pay-Per-Result Packages are valid for 12 months. However, if you purchase a new Pay-Per-Result Package before your previous package has expired, your unused Result Credit balance is carried over and the expiration is extended to the expiration date for the new package.
When is my Result Credit balance decremented, when a test is started or when a test is finished?
Your Result Credit balance is decremented only when an assessment is finished. That way, you only pay for results.
What happens if I create a test key but my Result Credit balance is zero?
You can create test keys even if your account contains a zero Result Credit balance. However, when the candidate begins the administration, they will not be allowed to start the test.
Will I be warned if my Result Credit balance is getting low?
Yes, you will receive low balance emails when the balance appears to be getting low, and when it is empty.
How can I increase my Result Credit balance?
You can purchase additional Pay-Per-Result Packages at anytime via our web site. Sign in and click on the upper right corner pull-down menu for your Result Credit balance. When you purchase a new package, your unused Result Credit balance is added to the newly purchased amount and the expiration is extended to the expiration of the new package.
Why is my Result Credit balance negative?
This can sometimes happen because we only charge Result Credits when a test or test battery is completed. If there is only one Result Credit remaining but there are multiple assessments in progress, the Result Credit balance will become negative when all of the tests are completed. That's OK with us, and will be corrected with your next Result Credit purchase.
I just need to test one or two people. How do I get started?
We make it easy for you. (1) Sign up for a trial here. (2) Select the test you want by going to 'Tests' in the upper menu bar and typing in the job title you are hiring for. (3) Click on the test name that matches your job title most. (4) Then click administer this test. It's that easy.
I want to test a large number of people and I don't want to create a test key for each of them. What can I do?
You can create a multi-administration link - which can be given to an unlimited number of candidates or placed on a web page. After you click on Administer this Test for a specific test, look for a link that says 'Create a Multi-Administration Link.'
What is a Test Key?
A Test Key is a ticket that can be used by one person to take a single test or test battery. Each Test Key has a unique access code, which can be entered into a form at https://test.hravatar.com, or it can be embedded into a URL as a test link. When you test a single person, you create a test key for them and then email it to them. The email usually contains both the access code as well as the URL with the link embedded.
I sent a link to a candidate but they never started the test. Does that mean I lose my credits?
No. Your Result Credit balance is not changed until a candidate completes their test or test battery.
A candidate lost their wifi connection halfway through their test. How can they restart where they left off?
Virtually all of our tests will automatically restart where they left off previously. Simply click on the Test Key link again.
How does the remote proctoring solution work?
Our system will capture a selfie photo of the candidate at the beginning and the end of the test. Also, the system will capture photos of the candidate while they are taking the test. The photos are all compared using facial recognition software to detect new faces or a change in face - which could indicate cheating.
Do I have to use the remote proctoring feature?
No, you can turn this feature off at any time, either for all tests or for just one or two tests.
I like the remote proctoring but I don't want to see the pictures. Can we turn off the pictures in the reporting.
Yes, absolutely. You can turn off pictures for either all tests in your account, or for specific tests.
Does remote proctoring work on all devices?
Yes. The remote proctoring feature works on all major devices, including Windows, Linux, Android, and IOS, and most modern web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, and Safari. Of course, the candidate's device or computer must have a camera and the camera must be accessible to the web browser, and the candidate must give permission for the application to use the camera.
Do you tell the candidate that they will be having their pictures taken?
Yes. The first picture is always taken voluntarily by the candidate as a 'selfie.' If un-announced photos are configured for the test the candidate is told that the system will continue to take their picture. The final picture at the end of the test is also a selfie.
Is there an extra cost for using remote proctoring?
As long as you have a nonzero Result Credit balance, there is no extra cost to utilize our remote proctoring features.
What do you mean by 'Job Specific' test?
We mean a test that is targeted for a specific job title, like 'Customer Service Representative' or 'First-Line Supervisor.' Each test includes all the pieces and parts to needed to test for that specific job. This takes all guesswork out of picking the right test. You just need to select the test that most closely matches the job title you are filling.
What does 'Whole Person' mean?
Our job-specific tests are all whole person tests. That means they assess all key dimensions of the candidate, including cognitive or learning ability, personality, past behaviors, and skills. By testing all key dimensions, we say they test the 'whole person.' Whole person testing has been found to be the most effective way to assess a person when making employment decisions.
What is the difference between the Short Version or the Full Version?
The 'Short' version of each test is a compressed version of the full version. Short versions do not include the animated work simulation portion. Additionally, they measure a smaller number of personality and emotional intelligence characteristics. As a result, short versions require only about one half the testing time of full versions.
Which is best for me - Short Version or Full Version?
Both tests provide useful and reliable information you can use in your decisionmaking. The short version takes less time, while the long version includes more characteristics and provides a more engaing candidate experience through the animated simulation.
Why would I want the Short Version with Video Interview?
The Short Version with Video Interview includes two job-specific video interview questions. Many clients appreciate having the opportunity to observe the candidate responding to one or two job-relevant questions in their own words as early in the hiring process as possible.
What do you mean by 'Animated Simulation?'
Each of our Full Version job-specific tests includes an animated simulation component. This simulation immerses the candidate in an animated 'day-in-the-life' related to the type of job they are applying for. This approach allows the candidate to see what the job might be like, while performing the assessment, providing a kind of job preview. Additionally, this approach is more engaging to candidates, making a more solid impression on them than a boring, text-based assessment.
What languages do the tests support?
All of our current job-specific tests are offered in English. Additionally, many are offered in Spanish (Mexican) and several are offered in Dutch, Hebrew, and Arabic.
What is a Virtual Video Interview?
A virtual video interview is an assessment in which the candidate responds to questions by recording a video of themselves answering the question. The recorded video is stored for playback, transcribed to text, and may undergo various artificial intelligence-powered analsysis processes, such as our voice vibes analysis.
Can I watch the videos that candidates record when they complete a virtual video interview?
Absolutely. These videos will be available along with any other test results in the results section of our website - within your online corporate account.
How long do virtual video interviews typically take?
On average they take about 90 seconds per question, plus 3 minutes for practice. So, a 5 question virtual video interview would take about 10 minutes.
What is a Live Video Interview?
A Live Video Interview is a direct or live video connection between you and a candidate. HR Avatar makes live interviewing easy and effective. First, we help you prepare (and follow) a structured interview script that ensures you ask the right questions and that you record your scores and comments in real time. Next, we handle scheduling with the candidate and send out connection messages shortly before interview time. We can also transcribe the interview text for you and store that for later review. Additionally we can also perform various analyses on the candidate's responses including voice analysis and personality profile generation.
How does a Live Video Interview work?
A customer can request a live video interview directly from a test result, or for a candidate that does not have a test result. The customer will indicate several dates/times for the interview. The system will send an email and/or text invitation to the candidate and manage the candidate's response. Within 30 minutes and 15 minutes of the actual interview time, the system will email a link to both interviewer and candidate that they can click to perform the interview.
When will live video interviews be available?
Live video interviewing is available now!
What does live video interviewing cost?
Live video interviewing is free as long as you have a nonzero Result Credit balance.
What kind of skills tests do you offer?
We offer nearly 400 different skills and knowledge tests. These include popular skills such as Microsoft Office products, typing, data entry, digital literacy, math and english fundamentals, as well as many specialized skill areas, such as medical coding.
What other kinds of tests do you offer?
In addition to our job-specific tests, virtual video interviews, and skills/knowledge tests, we also offer a line of personality assessments and workplace competency assessments. We also offer many components of the job-specific tests on a standalone basis. For example, we offer a standalone version of each animated simulation.
No credit card. Includes 2 free tests.
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"This software has helped our recruitment process big time since everything is digital already and doesn't need any papers. It is also very friendly for applicants as well. HR Avatar is very helpful in screening applicants as it can determine where applicants are having a hard time dealing with and it also shows the .potential risks upon hiring the candidate. It makes the job of HRs easy and efficient"
Joshua Matthew Realica, HR Assistant, Filinvest Alabang, Inc.
"This tool accelerates the processes of inclusion of employees to our permanent plant, helps us to identify the people who best perform the tasks that require both technical and administrative positions, allows us to evaluate personality, knowledge and training, skills and risk behavior, helps us to identify the best qualified to occupy a position within our company."
Lisa Irvine, Recruiting Coordinator, State Farm
"I really like this tool, which is very well explained and easy to use. Excellent experiences and well structure assements results."
Elsie Perez, HR Manager, Abby's Catering

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